Case Study

Enabling specialist Financial Services resources to rapidly immigrate to Ireland and reunite with their families

Project Background

A global, financial services company required non-EU/EEA specialist accountants and financial services managers to work at their newly created investment hub in Ireland. Highly skilled finance professionals – with the ability to work on EU/Irish accounting standards – were urgently required.

The successful candidates were to be direct hires into the Irish company, on long term contracts. They also wanted an immigration status which permitted immediate family reunification. Accountancy practice is a regulated profession in Ireland requiring practitioners to be registered with, or have their qualifications fully recognised by certain Irish accountancy accreditation bodies, as listed by the DJEI (Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation).

Our Solution

The clear solution is the CSEP (offering immediate family reunification, a fast track to the stamp 4, and ultimately Irish citizenship). However, the new hires qualifications did not match those listed by the DJEI as the criteria for an accountancy role. We urgently needed to secure a sustainable immigration status for these new hires using their qualifications and skills, which at first sight did not meet with the Irish government’s requirements.

The solution was to look carefully at the skills and experience of the new hires, the roles to be filled, and the hiring company. The critical skills occupation list has been amended to allow the recruitment of certain accountants (AICPA, PICPA, ICAP) working in MNC audit with 3 years US GAAP experience. We found they could fit into these criteria and thus applied for CSEPs for them.

The hiring company’s need for similar professionals was ongoing, therefore we applied for – and gained – ‘Trusted Partner’ status’ for this company. Trusted Partner status allows a much faster permit processing time and less paperwork. Therefore, the CSEP acquisition system for this company is now streamlined and the required personnel are onsite in Ireland smoothly and quickly.

“The CSEP’s were critical to getting our new hires and facilitating immediate family reunification with a secure status, and ultimately a fast track to Irish citizenship. “

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