About Us

At Cronin Movers Group our Ireland Relocations team provides a complete and professional end-to-end tailored service for employee relocations to support corporate mobility management programmes. We go the extra mile to ensure your valued employees and their families have the best start possible in their new location.

Our Approach

We provide bespoke relocation packages which have been carefully and thoroughly tailored to a clients exact requirements. Our service is based entirely around our clients and what is best for them. 

Moving is always a difficult process, let alone to an entirely different country, so we aim to make clients feel supported and confident every step of the way. 

Part of what we do is to act as a sort of concierge service, where even after a client has got the keys to their new house and moved in, we still offer a dedicated support agent to advise should they ever need it. This could range from needing a reliable plumbing service or just a restaurant recommendation. Our team genuinely want to see clients succeed in their new life in Ireland and can assist 7 days a week.

Our Team

Our Ireland Relocations team is comprised of experts in all aspects of immigrating to Ireland. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of local areas. It may even be the case that a clients relocation consultant lives in the same town or city! 

Consultants are also very knowledgeable regarding the laws and procedures involved with immigrating to Ireland, so we can make the process of acquiring visas and work permits much easier and avoid mistakes which would result in delays. 

Our team also know the Irish education system very well. Finding the best school options for a client family is a very important task and one we don’t take lightly. Schools help to nurture and shape children so we take great pride and care in locating the best schooling to fit their needs.

We’re proud to have supported
global brands with their employee mobility programmes.