Visa Work Permits

Our Ireland Relocations Team provides a complete and professional end-to-end tailored service for employee relocations to support corporate mobility management programmes. We go the extra mile to ensure you and your family have the best start possible in your new location.

Immigration to Ireland

One of the key early phases in your relocation will be to arrange all the necessary documentation for immigration. For most people, the thought of this is a daunting prospect and many wouldn’t even know where to start. That’s where we come in. 

We will walk you through the process step by step. We can point you in the right direction, help to ensure forms are completed correctly and accurately which ultimately saves you time and a lot of stress. Our consultants have specialist, up to date knowledge of Irish immigration laws and how the immigration process works, so let us guide you through this process. 

Immigration Visas

In Ireland, immigration visas are handled by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation, the Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service, and the Irish Garda National Immigration Bureau. Approval of your visa is subject to the collective approval of these organisations. 

If you are not from the EU, you must possess the correct Irish approval before your first arrival in Ireland, and continue to maintain its validity during your stay.

Work Permits

Employment permits are handled by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation, Entry Visa’s are handled by the Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service, and the registration process (once you have entered Ireland) is completed by the Irish Garda National Immigration Bureau. Again, the appropriate permit, visa (if you are a visa required national) must be obtained prior to your move and you must continue to fulfil its requirements throughout your stay in Ireland. Your registration must also be completed and maintained current once you are in Ireland.

Pet Immigration

We completely understand the bond formed with your pets is an unbreakable one. We do all that we can to ensure the safe immigration of your beloved pet. 

Ireland has strict pet immigration laws, but with the right advice from us, we can ensure that you’ve fully prepared your pet to meet the immigration requirements. This includes microchipping, veterinary documentation and a pet passport. We can even arrange to collect your pet from the airport upon arrival in Ireland!